Scope of Work & Services

We divide our services into three business areas:

Projects and Solutions, Trade and Distribution and Support and Services.

For more information about our services please see below.


I. Projects and Solutions

a. Energy Storage

We can support you in successfully realizing energy storage projects for commercial applications using TESVOLT energy-storage systems and SMA battery inverters.

b. Solar Water Heating

Ready to install highly efficient solar water heating solutions for residential  and semi-commercial applications. Power co generation by  SHES hybrid panels. 

c. Solar Cooling
We offer full system solutions for solar cooling using SHES hybrid modules  and Sortec/Fahrenheit adsorber  for commercial applications.


II. Trade and Distribution

a. Solar Inverter

From industry leading Solar inverter manufactures

b. Photovoltaic and Hybrid Modules

Locally proven PV panels  and SHES hybrid modules

c. PV Accessories


III. Support and Services

a. Project Finance
b. Advanced Engineering Services
c. Local Commissioning Services & Training
d. After-sales Services – Regionally and in Europe
e. Consulting and Coaching






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