Who we are

Who we are!

21st Century Clean Energy is well-placed to access European technologies and yet close to the Asian market too. Because we are based in Germany, we can establish face to face contact with German and European companies and represent the interests of our Asian customers in the European market. As an international sales agency, we also have a presence in Asia through our local business development partners, which means our customers in Asia can likewise enjoy the advantage of direct contact with us. Thus, we have a permanent presence in the marketplaces and can handle all enquiries directly, giving them the personal attention, they deserve.

Bernd Malorny –

MD and Business Development

• Bachelor in trade and commerce and a qualified telecommunications engineer
• Former CEO of OSRAM(Siemens) in Malaysia & Vietnam
• Has lived in Asia for 8 years
• Headed OSRAM APAC product marketing business unit in Hong Kong for two years
• Last two years in the renewable energy sector – main focus energy-storage solutions + solar cooling/heating

Johannes Poetzsch – 

Application Engineering – Freelance Consultancy !

• M.Sc. Renewable Energy
• Solar systems project development (industrial/residential)
• Energy storage small/large batteries
• Experience: Rollout technical coordinator for more than 900 off grid and hybrid power solutions in Asia
Pacific and the Middle East
• Specialist in Heliocentris Remote Management System applications

Emmanuel F. Jusay   –

Business Development Philippines

• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
• Registered Electrical Engineer in the Philippines
• Five years’ experience of solar project installations
• Has installed high-performance solar projects of up to 1 MW for commercial and residential applications (for both on-grid and hybrid projects).
• Gained advanced experience in renewable energy while working with SunPower and LG Electronics

Warda Saleem – 

Business Development Pakistan

• Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
• Worked as Application Engineer in Solar Energy Projects
• Understands local conditions and has good contacts in the local market
• Active in Pakistan’s PV industry for several years
• Equipped with the technical knowledge required to design solar energy systems

Thai Duy Bui

Business Development  – Vietnam